Wool Rovings

Join the trend of creativity that allows Artists like yourself to implement 3 dimensional artwork into your wonderful designs! To meet the demand for quality needle felting products, National Nonwovens offers two wool roving product lines along with feling needles.

Wool Roving Styles:

Purchasing Information:

Our expansive wool roving product lines includes a multitude of individually packaged fiber colors and six-pack combination offerings.

WoolWisps WoolWisp Display
WoolWisps 100% Wool Needlefelt

Style - FIB006. To meet the intense demand for more quality needle felting products, National Nonwovens offers 100% virgin wool WoolWisps® Needle Felt Fiber Packs. The packs are a complimentary collection of harmonizing hues. WoolWisps™ is also offered singularly in its natural state allowing you to dye the roving to any color you desire.

WoolWisps Product Offerings

Single Packs:

  • Colored: The Gallery Collection - .25 oz. Colors include:
    • Custard
    • Keylime
    • Bluenote
    • Cool Waters
    • Evening Violet
    • Sand Storm
    • Baked Clay
    • Rain Forest
    • Pine
    • Orchid
    • Claret
    • Vintage Black

Six Packs:

  • Natural: available in .25 and .50 oz. packs.
  • Six Packs: Six assorted colors in each pack
    • Brilliant Brights Pack
    • Deep Secrets Pack
    • Delicate Delights Pack
    • Primitive Pallets Pack
    • Holiday Pack
    • Spring Pack

ShadedWisps Wool-Blend Needlefelt

Styles - FIB001 & FIB002. ShadedWisps Needle Felt is offered to you in a variety of different colors of which compliment our already famous WoolFelt® shades.

WoolWisps® and ShadedWisps® are registered trademarks of National Nonwovens