Feature Story: Focus on Aerospace

New Products Meet Strict Aerospace Requirements

Presenting: Acoustruct®, Silnt®, KushnBlok®, Nukuls®, & TechWick®

National Nonwovens’ Research & Development Team has been very productive in the past several years developing their newest, highly engineered Technical Product Lines. Their innovation and perseverance resulted in five new products that solve demanding application challenges and strict requirements, especially those facing manufacturers in the Aerospace Industry.

Included in this engineering advancement are technical materials for acoustical applications and systems, core and cushioning composites, and wicking materials.

  • Acoustuct® Structural Acoustical System - self-supporting system for overblankets, ceilings, bulkheads, floor decking, and cabinet support.
  • Silnt® Acoustical Damping Quiet - flexible acoustic sound barrier for overframe blankets, crew and rest compartments.
  • Silnt® Acoustical Absorption Insulators - eliminates sounds in flooring, ceilings, and insulating systems.
  • KushnBlok® Composite Cushioning Felt - a new evolution in comfort, performing as a seat fire blocker, sewing stabilizer, and carpet underlayment.
  • Nukuls® Core Material - isolates and neutralizes outer surfaces and prevents product deterioration.
  • TechWick® Technical Wicking Felt - ideal for moisture management/absorption and dust/lint control.

Technical Brochure

Includes information on our new composite products.

National Nonwovens has been developing leading-edge textiles for over a century. Today, the company produces 15 million pounds of textiles annually and has a total processing capacity in excess of 30 million pounds per year. Manufacturing and technical capabilities include both air-laid and carded cross-laid web forming with chemical bond, felted wool, needlepunch, lamination, thermo-bond and composite constructions. National Nonwovens will continue to expand its breadth of technology as a commitment to customers’ present and future requirements.

AccuStruct®, KushnBlok®,Nukuls®, Silnt®, and TechWick® are registered trademarks of National Nonwovens