Arts & Education Division

National Nonwovens Rebrands Key Division

Craft & Hobby Division is renamed Arts & Education Division

National Nonwovens reveals the new name for its Craft & Hobby Division as the Arts & Education Division! The renaming emphasizes National Nonwovens’ focus on the growing creative markets in textile arts and the products supplied to several education sectors.


Rebranding the division further accentuates National Nonwovens’ primary goal to align products with the businesses and consumers served. Leading the Arts & Education Division is Vice President Michalina Centofanti. Michalina is a seasoned executive at the company who was one of the first to introduce WoolFelt®, its flagship product, to artists and designers at International Quilt Markets and the now Creativation Expo (formally CHA/HIA) over twenty years ago. Since that time, felt has reemerged from a disposable craft product to a treasured art material used in heirloom and modern fiber art.

“We are excited to continue serving these creative industries with felt products so diverse that one is used in textile fiber art and another in a hands-on teaching project,” said Centofanti. “With felt, the possibilities are limitless for both do-it-yourself projects and finished goods. We continue to listen to our customers and create felt from fibers and fiber blends ideally suited to their unique needs and in colors they love.”

Product lines in the Art & Education Division include:

To purchase Arts & Education products from National Nonwovens (wholesale), call our Customer Service Department at 800-333-3469 extension 642, 643 or 645. Individual square yards are also available to purchase at Commonwealth Felt, National Nonwovens online retail site.

WoolFelt® FiestaFelt®, XoticFelt®, and WoolWisps® are registered trademark of National Nonwovens