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The New 2018 WoolFelt Collection

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The In Harmony Collection

The new 2018 In Harmony WoolFelt® Collection celebrates camaraderie and collaboration. The collection not only reflects National Nonwovens' emphasis on camaraderie and collaboration, but also teamwork within the company and in customer relationships.

In Harmony also celebrates and equates how music helps people express themselves through creativity, similar to how WoolFelt® helps people of all ages and artistic levels express their unique creativity. In Harmony works well with other types of art and sewing materials, especially complimenting popular thread colors.

These colors are added to National Nonwovens’ already extensive TOY002 product line, bringing the total number of TOY002 colors to 88. Altogether, National Nonwovens has almost 200 WoolFelt® colors! This places National Nonwovens far ahead of the competition and further exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing customers with an unmatched portfolio of products and colors.

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The In Harmony Collection consists of six new WoolFelt® colors in the TOY002 product line. Together, these uniquely individual hues strike a pleasing chord of easy color rapport. The new colors include:

  • Moody Blues
  • Celtic Dance
  • Rockin Red
  • Purple Rain
  • Gold Ensemble
  • Muddy Waters

If you would like to order or need a color swatch card (see above), please call our Customer Service Department at 800-333-3469 extension 642, 643 or 645.

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