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New 2017 WoolFelt Collection

The New 2017 WoolFelt Collection

Throwbacks & Beginnings Collection

The new 2017 WoolFelt® Collection is simultaneously retro and fresh. We are feeling sentimental this year at National Nonwovens and our 2017 WoolFelt® Collection, Throwbacks & Beginnings, reflects this spirit of nostalgia but also celebrates new ideas.

In addition to being both retro and fresh, this collection also distinguishes itself from previous new color introductions because our customers had an extremely significant role in its development. Some are comeback colors that were previously discontinued that we are now bringing back because of customer requests. Other colors are a result of customer and designer suggestions. Some made this year's line-up just because they are fun! All together, these colors make an awesome collection of beautiful hues. All six colors are part of the TOY002 WoolFelt® product line consisting of a blend of 35% wool and 65% rayon. Order soon because they are sure to be bestsellers!

The Throwback colors include:

  • Native Maize – a soft yellow, from the Naturally Inspired Collection
  • Ocean Kelp – lush green, also from the Naturally Inspired Collection
  • Opal – nearly white, originally introduced in the Centennial Collection

The Beginnings colors include:

  • Hint of Mint – energetic greens glistening with sunny yellow elements
  • Columbia Blue – a popular blue from the Athletic WoolFelt product line
  • Mystical Mandarin –orange with shimmering splashes of yellow
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With the addition of these new and comback colors, National Nonwovens now has an astounding 82 colors in the TOY002 product line. Altogether, there are 156 total WoolFelt® colors when combining the three WoolFelt styles: WCF001, TOY002, and WCF006!

If you would like to order or need a color swatch card (see above), please call our Customer Service Department at 800-333-3469 extension 642, 643 or 645.

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