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New 2017 WoolFelt Collection

Introducing The Throwbacks & Beginnings Collection

May 3, 2017

National Nonwovens, the original manufacturer of wool felt, the Throwbacks & Beginnings Collection consisting of six WoolFelt® colors in the TOY002 product line. What makes this year’s color introductions so distinctive is that National Nonwovens’ customers had an enormous influence in the creation of this nostalgic collection. Throwbacks & Beginnings is largely a result of special requested colors from customers, including previously discontinued favorites. READ MORE...

Arts & Education Division

National Nonwovens Rebrands Key Division

February 24, 2017

National Nonwovens, the original manufacturer of wool felt, reveals the new name for its Craft & Hobby Division as the Arts & Education Division. The renaming coincides with the continuous shift in the industry to collaborate with creative communities along with National Nonwovens’ goal to align its felt products with the businesses and consumers it serves. National Nonwovens’ felt products range from styles ideal for artists made ... READ MORE...

Introducing The Once Upon A WoolFelt Collection

April 11, 2016

National Nonwovens, the original manufacturer of wool felt, introduces the Once Upon a WoolFelt Collection of six new WoolFelt colors. Each new color is a plush, heathered hue and part of the blended-wool TOY002 WoolFelt® product line. This is the first collection in several years to feature heathered-hues that are popular with felt enthusiasts for their variations of complementary color tones. READ MORE...

Introducing 5 New Technical Product Lines.

October 6, 2014

National Nonwovens announces the introduction of five highly-engineered nonwoven product lines that solve demanding application challenges and strict requirements, especially those facing manufacturers in the Aerospace Industry. Included in this introduction are technical materials for acoustical applications and systems, core and cushioning composites, and wicking felts.

Acoustuct™ Structural Acoustical System is a self-supporting system for overblankets, ceilings, bulkheads, floor decking, and cabinet support. Silnt™ Acoustical Damping Quiet material features a READ MORE...

Introducing 6 New WoolFelt Colors

May 15, 2014

National Nonwovens, the original manufacturer of wool felt, is adding six new colors to its blended-wool TOY002 WoolFelt® product line. Named the Dreamcatcher Series, these colors invoke the aura of mystical environments while drawing upon the rich hues found in native cultural heritages. READ MORE...

National Nonwovens Introduces New Felt Colors Spanning Three Product Lines

May 13, 2013

National Nonwovens, the original manufacturer of wool felt, continues to answer the increasing demand for quality felt products by announcing new colors in three product lines. Altogether, National Nonwovens introduces eleven new WoolFelt® and bamboo-rayon XoticFelt® colors, along with new fat-quarter bundles and charm packs.  READ MORE...

National Nonwovens Introduces Ultra-ProTechtor™ Fire-Blocker

March 7, 2012

National Nonwovens announces the introduction of Ultra-ProTechtor™, the first fire-blocker for all aircraft seating dress covers. Ultra-ProTechtor™ is a nonwoven lightweight flame barrier utilizing Ultem® polymer and newly-developed Ultem® fibers by Sabic Innovative Plastics.

“Ultra-ProTechtor™ is engineered to provide ultra-flammability protection with superior performance at a lower weight and lower cost,” said Anthony Centofanti, CEO and President at National Nonwovens. “Although it was initially designed for the Aerospace Market, Ultra-ProTechtor™ can also greatly benefit other markets that have modes of transportation requiring fire-blockers.” READ MORE...

National Nonwovens Installs Air-Laid Needlepunch Production Line

February 3, 2012

National Nonwovens announces the installation of a 2.4 meter air-laid needlepunch nonwoven line strategically located in a contained, clean-room environment. Production on the line is currently focused on, but is not limited to, the manufacturing of medical products. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art electronics to effectively control temperature, humidity, dusting, and contamination; which are necessary for advanced wound care, medical devices, and patient-care products.

The air-laid line has the support of process engineers and quality control, including complete chemical profiling of all materials. It is capable of processing synthetic and various natural fibers. Products can be produced in the range 1.5 oz/yd2 to 10 oz/yd2, supported or unsupported. The line has in-line slitting with slit widths up to 90 inches with future expansion including the installation of a three-roll press with laminating capabilities. READ MORE...